Infinity Culinary Training
This charity is very close to our hearts
Helping out people who have a love for food as we do, I couldn’t think of a better way to give back than offer them support and inspiration.
We joined Infinity Culinary Training four months after we opened and we have trained and developed over 10 lovely students.

Overview of the charity:Established in September 2009, Infinity Culinary Training is a non-profit and public benefit organisation, training previously disadvantaged South African men and women in urgent need of employment!
The 12 week intensive program offers the basic cooking skills, life skills and professional tools necessary for graduates to obtain immediate placement with the food and hospitality industries. They attend classes 5 days a week and work at least one day a week in a hotel or restaurant.
Once the student has completed the course each ICT graduate is placed into a restaurant for one month with the hope of full term employment. With the skills learnt during the 12 week course each student has been allowed to develop their confidence, passion and work ethic necessary to embark upon a better future.
The students are primarily in their 20’s, often with children, who live in the townships. All of these students are desperate to become productive members of society, but often don’t know where to start. This charity provides the skills and opportunities for graduates to build a bridge between poverty and long-term self-reliance.

All of the R5 donation per table will go to the charity but it is discretionary so please don’t hesitate to ask the waiter to remove it for you.

Please contact them if you need any more information or if you wish to help further
Melinda van Staden – 084 4821502