Bar Snacks
Truffle buttered popcorn – R15
Marinated kalamata olives – R25
Sriracha bbq chicken wings – R35
Tempura courgettes, beetroot aloli – R45
Parma ham croquettes, apple, beetroot – R45

Beetroot hummus, sourdough – R45
Charcuterie, pickles, sourdough – R95
Cheese, preserves, nuts, sourdough- R90

Herb crusted angelfish, beetroot risotto, baby beets – R75
Salt & pepper calamari, piperade, celery parsley salad – R65
Tempura east-coast hake, variations of peas – R52
Saldanha bay mussels, smoked tomato sauce, coriander, sourdough – R65

Tikka chicken thigh, coriander riatta, pomegranate, flat bread – R65
Slow roasted pork belly, red cabbage, apple, celery, sesame seeds – R87
Aged beef steak, pepper sauce, green beans, confit tomato – R78
Braised lamb shoulder, truffled cauliflower rice, peas – R85

Wild mushroom risotto, parmesan, truffle oil – R60
Potato gnocchi, Herbs, pecan nuts, blue cheese cream – R52
New potato salad, walnut, herb aloli, radish, celery – R45
Gruyere & baby leaf salad, sunflower seeds, confit tomato, onion – R35

Wood oven pizza
Choose your base!
original/cauliflower +R20 (low carb & gluten free)
Vegan-friendly mozzarella +R40 (soy-based)

Summer: Mozzarella, feta, rocket, avocado – R95
The tuscan: Mozzarella, pesto, aubergine, sun-dried tomato, chevin – R105
Salami: Mozzarella, salami, fresh basil – R95
Club mex: Mozzarella, bacon, jalapeno, red onion, cream cheese – R95
Parma: Mozzarella, parma ham, rocket – R110
Smokey Joe: Mozzarella, pulled pork, preserved figs – R110

**We do make Pizzas to take away but unfortunately do not deliver!


Pineapple sponge cake, rum butterscotch, minted pineapple, chantilly cream – R50
Chocolate brownie, custard, vanilla chantilly cream, raspberries, peanut brittle – R58
Red wine poached pears, orange, cinnamon, gorgonzola cream – R45


*our menu is forever changing but the website is updated every few days!